Manoeuvring assistant GO2 New ease of use, modern design

Simply attach, engage and off you go.
Straightforward and fast. Don‘t delay, retrofit today!

Manoeuvring assistant GO2

Moves single-axle caravans up to 1800 kg on 15 % inclines and declines


Manoeuvres with grip without slipping and without damaging them


Control unit with ergonomic and intuitive remote control


Start off smoothly, stop and manoeuvre with precision

  • Compact: With an ultra-light weight of 33 kg
  • Practical: Straightforward installation with tried-and-tested quick mounting system
  • Easy: No need for TÜV approval, installation does not require drilling or welding
Max. hill climbing ability15 % for a caravan with a weight of 1,800 kg
Power supply12 V
Max. power consumption120 A
Average power consumption20 A
Weight34 kg (incl. cross actuation device)

You can buy the GO2 manoeuvring assistant at any specialist dealer.

Generally speaking, the GO2 manoeuvring assistant can be installed on most caravan models. If you have any further questions, please contact your specialist dealer.

The device must only be installed and repaired by an manoeuvring assistant specialist.

The manoeuvring assistant should preferably be installed in front of the axle, but can also be installed behind the axle under special circumstances (e.g. lack of space). Only the bolts that are provided must be used to secure the manoeuvring assistant (or the add-on parts provided as special accessories).

For any query concerning service or warranty please contact the specialist dealer where you bought the manoeuvring assistant.

We recommend the use of so-called drive and lighting batteries. Gel batteries and round cell batteries are also suitable. These batteries are designed for high power demands and have an extremely long service life. The maximum power consumption of the manoeuvring assistant on the steepest incline
and carrying the maximum weight is 120 A. The correct choice of battery depends on the time and the scope of use (other consumers in the caravan). For operating the manoeuvring assistant we recommend usual batteries with a capacity of approx. 60 Ah or more. The Optima Yellow Top battery from Johnson Controls with 55 Ah is a top quality alternative solution.

We recommend to remove the battery from the vehicle and to proceed as follows:

  • Lead batteries must always be stored fully charged.
  • Batteries must be charged in a cool, dry place (too high a temperature can cause more damage to fully charged batteries than too low a temperature).
  • The battery charge must be topped up every 2 months (24-hour charging).